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Cooking City Mod APK is an exciting and colorful cooking arcade game with casual controls. And so, you have to take under your control a small fast-food eatery and first try to serve as many visitors as possible while forming and submitting orders as quickly as possible. As you complete and complete the assignments, you will be able to expand your establishment, decorate it and open new recipes, thereby attracting even more customers.
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November 6, 2022
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Cooking City Mod APK– Not noisy and exciting like racing games, simulation games always have a light entertainment space but are equally attractive by simulated gameplay. The cooking game has long been a popular game series. Most of the cooking games are entertaining, showing the cooking skills of each person. Players will overcome many cooking challenges in the game. The article below will summarize Cooking City which has had many downloads on the phone recently.

Cooking City is a fun cooking game with a brilliant, easy-to-play interface. Instead of running a restaurant like Good Pizza Great Pizza, Cooking City focuses on completing timed food combos. You will complete these combos for your customers and the level of customer satisfaction determines the overall profit.

Cooking City Mod APK is all about

Cooking City is a cooking simulation game with fast-paced gameplay. In Cooking City, you will learn how to cook delicious food, open a restaurant, become the best chef, and explore many famous places around the world. Cooking City offers players hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook great food, such as burgers, waffles, French fries, and pizza. You will cook the dishes you have never done before. Upgrade ingredients to help the restaurant grow.

Besides, Cooking City players will master a variety of kitchen utensils. There are over eight restaurants with appliances and utensils for cooking. With coffee machines or pizza ovens, professional chefs can always use them proficiently. The excellent quality cooking tools will help you cook faster to conquer all the time limit levels. Cooking City is also a cooking simulation and restaurant management game with attractive gameplay. Cooking City is suitable for girls and children who love to cook and work at home.

The advantage of Cooking City is that users do not need an Internet connection to play after you have downloaded and installed the game. You will enjoy a time management game on your mobile device. Enjoy cooking delicious dishes and opening restaurants wherever you like. Build a real sonic empire with the free cooking simulation game Cooking City.

Cooking City screen 1

Cooking City Mod APK Gameplay

Cooking City is a fun cooking game in a vibrant culinary city. Play the Cooking City game for free and start preparing ingredients, processing, and serving diners delicious dishes. Conquer achievements in Cooking City to unlock new cooking skills while growing your culinary empire. It is the most addictive time-management simulation game. The game will bring you joy, a love of cuisine, and an engaging cooking experience not inferior to Cooking Restaurant Fever or Pizza Cooking.

Cooking City is a fast and fun restaurant management game. You can play games anytime and anywhere without an Internet connection. Welcome to the Tasty Hills dining paradise. There are many restaurants from low-end to high-end, where chefs are always creating new dishes and competing every day. Conquer cooking competitions in Cooking City and become the Chef King.

The game will test your cooking skills through colorful, playful, vivid levels. Try to create delicious dishes to win the hearts of fastidious diners. Then, conquer world famous recipes, master new recipes, and play time-limited challenges and special events.

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Features of Cooking City APK Mod

Cooking City is one of the most engaging cooking time management games available today. Start a brand new culinary adventure with Cooking City’s fast-paced gameplay. Are you a fan of restaurant management games, love to cook and serve delicious dishes to diners in eateries like Cooking Town, Crazy Cooking Chef, or Cooking Adventure? Then, Cooking City will become your new favorite game soon.

In the game, you will transform into a talented chef, open a restaurant of your own, travel around the world, and cook the best food in the kitchen of the Cooking City simulation game. Players will prepare and serve delicious meals from all countries around the world. Then, expanding and developing a cross-country restaurant chain from classical cafes to modern Chinese restaurants and serving pastries to delicious fast food. Test your cooking skills in Cooking City’s kitchen and build a culinary empire.

It requires no Internet connection to play after you have installed the game. You can enjoy time management games in the palm of your hand by cooking delicious dishes and opening restaurants wherever you like. Then, build a culinary empire in Cooking City with hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook great food such as burgers, waffles, French fries, and pizza. You will cook the foods you have never done before.

Otherwise, upgrade ingredients to help your restaurant grow. You need to be proficient in preparing all dishes and serving customers in each city. The cooking gameplay combines a fast-paced strategy to test your management with time-limited cooking challenges. Then, get many useful combos and earn a big bonus, and experience endless fun with additional levels and cities that are constantly updated.

Players must complete special cooking goals with magic booster items but cannot burn food with special pans. Try to increase restaurant sales with double promotions with over eight restaurants in terms of unique appliances and utensils for cooking.

With coffee machines or pizza ovens, professional chefs can always use them proficiently with efficient time management through many kitchen appliance upgrades. The outstanding quality cooking tools will help you cook faster to conquer all the time limit levels.

Cooking City screen 3

Overall Assessments of the Game

Cooking City is a unique business game. The gameplay is straightforward in that the player plays the role of a restaurant chef in the game. Now, manage your restaurant to make delicious dishes for customers. In the game, players will become a chef to run their shops. You will meet all kinds of customers. Here, you need to meet customer requirements, provide your customers with more food, and get more income.

There are over 200 kinds of delicious dishes prepared for the guests. You can show your cooking skills to your heart’s content and upgrade your ingredients and kitchen utensils. Try to make the food more delicious to increase income from coffee to Chinese restaurants.

There are a variety of different food productions and game levels. With your cooking skills, you will travel the world and become a chef known all over the world. If you plan to serve dishes continuously, you can get extra coins and achievement rewards. Use magic props to complete cooking goals, a protective pot where food will never burn.

You will have unlimited physical strength in the game, where you can go from classic coffee to Chinese restaurants, outdoor barbecue to desserts. In unlocking additional levels and opening new stores, try to improve cooking skills. Then, take your cooking skills by plane and go to the world. Let yourself become a crazy chef.

Cooking City screen 4

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  • Open the app and allow the permissions from unknown sources which are required to enjoy the features of this game.
  • Enjoy 🙂

Last Thoughts

Cooking City MOD APK is a simulation business game with strong time management gameplay. Players have to run their restaurants and are also responsible for providing diners from all over the world with the food they need. In the game, show your cooking skills in the offense of the characteristic theme restaurant and play with various kitchen utensils.

There are over 200 kinds of delicious dishes, such as burgers, donuts, French fries, and pizza. Upgrade your ingredients and kitchenware to make the food you make in the game more delicious from classic coffee to Chinese restaurants, outdoor barbecues to dessert. Finally, improve your cooking skills by constantly unlocking additional levels.

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